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Disclaimer: The photos you are about to see are a result of a Level 1 photography course I took last weekend. The blurriness and colour confusion you are about to experience is normal because it is either intentional or due to several many failed attempts at adjusting my ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed.

Al Saada Bakery

I get asked on numerous occasions about the location of Abu Dhabi’s best kept mana’eesh  - the  Levant’s most popular breakfast dish which consists of dough topped with thyme, cheese, or ground meat and many other cross varieties .

Well… let me tell you that Al Saada Bakery (on Defense Road) is where you can bet on finding the best whole wheat mana’eesh.

What struck a chord with me at Al Saada was the warm hospitality I received not to mention the free lunch on two consecutive days.  All they knew was that I was a photography student who adored mana’eesh and that I needed to make sure I took great shots! The manager/owner was advising me every step of the way and the bakers insisted on posing for the camera even though I told them I was after natural shots (bless them!) . Aside from the heat in the back kitchen, the smell of the bread baking was heavenly - at that point I just forgot the fact that I was literally in an oven and the smell of the dough baking naturally knocked me into a bready coma. After I took all the pictures I needed I opted for the zaatar man’oosha - Felt so healthy and good! The bread is freshly baked every morning until about 1pm so my advice would be to go first thing in the morning and enjoy it with a tall glass of OJ - just like I would!

However, I am still on a mission to try and locate the UAE’s best 5 mana’eesh spots so watch this space.


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